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#32 Meat Grinder
#32 Meat Grinder
Model 38214

Prepare your own fresh ground meat, sausage and jerky with our large manual meat grinder. Great for making your own hamburger, sausage and bratwurst. Includes fine plat (3/16") and coarse plate (3/8"). Also includes adapter and three nozzles.

**this is is no longer available **

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8" diameter, designed to use with woks and deep fryers
Stainless steel construction for added durability
Easy-grip handle is rubber coated to stay cool

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I live in south Louisiana, the seafood capital of the world! At least once a week, I fry fish, shrimp, potatoes, okra, eggplant, zucchini, soft shell crabs, oysters... you name it. Several years ago for one of our large family seafood cookouts, my father-in-law pulled out one of these skimmers and his operation went about 30% faster than mine, even though our burners and pots were equivalent and cooking at the same speed. The handle on the skimmer was so comfortable, and gave such control. I told my wife Santa had to bring me one! My Christmas wish was answered, and to this day, it's my go-to tool when frying or even when skimming boiled items. My friends all ask me about it, so I posted it to my website at I bought another and donated it to a fundraiser. It got more raffle tickets in it's bucket than some of the items 10x more expensive! Once you have this skimmer, you will never go back to the el-cheapo Wally World model!



Was using this regularly in deep fryer cooking french fries and other deep fried items and when using after 6 - 8 months the basket fell off the outer ring and handle. Would love to purchase another one if it were improved upon. Thanks.