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Electric Meat Grinder
Electric Meat Grinder
Model 38339

Eastman Outdoors® makes it easy to process wild game, beef, pork, lamb and poultry expertly at home. The Electric Meat Grinder has a 120 volt/315 watt motor unit, 1000 watts max lock wattage. It includes a metal drive shaft, worm gear, cutter housing and meat tray. The high quality stainless steel cutting blade grinds 2-3 pounds per minute (results may vary depending on the type of meat). For convenience, there is a built-in circuit breaker resent switch and it is easy to clean.

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8" diameter, designed to use with woks and deep fryers
Stainless steel construction for added durability
Easy-grip handle is rubber coated to stay cool

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I live in south Louisiana, the seafood capital of the world! At least once a week, I fry fish, shrimp, potatoes, okra, eggplant, zucchini, soft shell crabs, oysters... you name it. Several years ago for one of our large family seafood cookouts, my father-in-law pulled out one of these skimmers and his operation went about 30% faster than mine, even though our burners and pots were equivalent and cooking at the same speed. The handle on the skimmer was so comfortable, and gave such control. I told my wife Santa had to bring me one! My Christmas wish was answered, and to this day, it's my go-to tool when frying or even when skimming boiled items. My friends all ask me about it, so I posted it to my website at I bought another and donated it to a fundraiser. It got more raffle tickets in it's bucket than some of the items 10x more expensive! Once you have this skimmer, you will never go back to the el-cheapo Wally World model!



Was using this regularly in deep fryer cooking french fries and other deep fried items and when using after 6 - 8 months the basket fell off the outer ring and handle. Would love to purchase another one if it were improved upon. Thanks.