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10" BBQ Pizza Pan

Bake Pizza and More on the Grill with this Award-Winner

Perfect for summer, this BBQ pizza pan helps you take the cooking out of the kitchen and into the outdoors. Designed to transform your grill into a powerful convection oven, it features a protective heat shield, non-stick enamel surface and spacious handles that are easy to grip, even with mitts on.

  • Transforms your grill into an outdoor pizza oven while keeping your kitchen cool 
  • Patented heat-shield design creates a protective air pocket that keeps crust from burning and circulates heat to melt cheese and cook toppings
  • Durable, non-porous enamel coating is naturally nonstick making cleanup a breeze
  • Perfect for frozen, refrigerated or homemade pizza, fish, vegetables, appetizers and more
  • Works with gas and charcoal grills - instructions included
A solid addition to the summer BBQ set, this pizza pan helps bring even-heating, convection cooking to the grill. Featuring a tough enamel finish and patented heat-shield, it's ready for pizza, fish, vegetables and much more. Add it to your order, and get more out of your grill.
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