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18-Inch Carbon Steel Wok,  - Eastman Outdoors

18-Inch Carbon Steel Wok

High-Quality Wok Cooking Indoors and Out

Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, and built to cook large meals to high heat, fast, this 18" carbon steel wok is a solid addition to any kitchen. Whether you're searing meat, or frying a bowlful of seasoned vegetables, the steel build transfers heat rapidly to your food, while the tough construction ensures you can mix, toss, steam, stir- and deep-fry easily.

  • Traditional, high-quality, carbon steel construction for quick, efficient heating and exceptional heat transfer
  • Ideal for quickly stir-frying meats and vegetables to seal in juices, nutrients, color and flavor
  • Easy seasoning and cleaning instructions when followed ensure a beautiful nonstick finish and years of service
  • Easy-grip welded and riveted side handles for secure transporting even when full
  • Flat bottom works well on a variety of cooking surfaces
  • 18" wok easily accommodates from a few servings to enough for a crowd
Great for deep frying, boiling, steaming and braising, this wok delivers a dependable cooking surface that's sturdy, fast heating and adaptable from small servings to large meals. A solid addition for any outdoor or indoor gourmet, add this wok to your order, and get cooking.
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