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22" Deep-Dish Carbon Steel Wok

Sear, Boil, Fry and More with this Steel Wok

Built to cook, this carbon steel wok easily adapts to all types of cuisine. From chicken-fried steak, to steamed vegetables and stir-fry, it's high capacity easily handles large meals, while the carbon steel build ensures efficient heat transfer, for fast searing and boiling.

  • Traditional, high-quality, carbon steel construction for quick, efficient heating and exceptional heat transfer
  • Ideal for quickly stir frying meats and vegetables to seal in juices, nutrients, color and flavor
  • 50% deeper than traditional woks making it especially useful for deep frying, boiling, steaming and braising
  • Seasoning and cleaning instructions when followed ensure a beautiful nonstick finish and years of service
  • Easy-grip welded and riveted side handles for secure transporting even when full
  • Flat bottom works well on a variety of cooking surfaces
  • Easily accommodates from family-size meals to enough for a crowd

Crafted from rugged carbon steel, and designed to adapt to a wide range of meal sizes, this carbon steel wok is a cooking essential for indoor and outdoor kitchens alike. Pair it with out portable Kahuna(TM) burner, and get the power you need to feed a crowd.


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