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Fiery Teriyaki Flavor Jerky Cure and Seasoning for 5 Pounds of Meat

A Taste of Fiery Teriyaki from Professional Wild Game Chefs

A touch of tang, sweetness and fire, this teriyaki jerky kit delivers brings chef-designed flavors home. With enough cure and seasoning for 5 pounds of jerky, it's a great way to transform a few cuts of venison, beef, game or domesticated meats into a high-protein portable snack.

  • Designed by professional wild game chefs

  • Perfect for venison, beef, poultry and other meats

  • Contains cure and seasoning packets to make 5 pounds of jerky

  • Natural ingredients

  • Step-by-step instructions included

Tasty, easy to use and packing enough flavor for 5 pounds of jerky, add this teriyaki jerky kit to your order and bring the touch of fire into your kitchen.

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