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Cast Iron Sausage Stuffer

A Variety of Home Sausage Making Made Easy

Whether you're making sausage for winter, or prepping for a barbecue, this sausage stuffer combines solid, single-piece body construction and with an easy-to-clean design. From jerky snack sticks, to summer sausage and brats, changeable tubes deliver the output sizes you need, while the bolt-able feet mean stable performance, no matter what kind of link you're making.

  • Single piece cast iron body
  • Fixable base for increased stability during operation
  • 3 Tube sizes fit a variety of sausage making
    • Small for meat sticks
    • Medium for breakfast sausage
    • Large for Italian sausage, bratwurst, polish and summer sausage
  • Ideal for all ground meats including beef, pork, venison and wild game
    • Wide mouth makes loading a cleaning easy

    Built to work and designed to last, from farm to field to table, this stuffer is built to help you get the job done. Add it to your cart, and get your spice mixes together, because this sausage maker is ready to go.

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